The Company

The Company

FORPLAN DR. SCHMIEDEL GmbH is a premier research and planning group from Germany. Our mission is to contribute to the quality of Emergency Services in Germany and abroad.

FORPLAN DR. SCHMIEDEL GmbH has, in a brief period of time, established itself as the leading agency in the field of EMS in Germany.

The success of our corporate stategy rests on the strengh and commitment to our resources:

  1. the depth and credibility of our scientific approach,
  2. the considerable amount of hands-on experience we offer,
  3. a strong emphasis on customer-oriented flexibility and innovation.

Located in Bonn, FORPLAN DR. SCHMIEDEL GmbH is conveniently located in the "Heart of Europe". Its state-of-the-art office facilities are within easy reach of even the most demanding travellers, be it by air, train or road.

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